Parasomnias, including REM Sleep Behavior Disorder and Sleepwalking, are Diagnosed and Treated at the Sleep & Attention Disorders Institute in Sterling Heights, Michigan

Getting a good night’s sleep is critical to feeling well. However, many people suffer from sleep disorders that cause unusual or undesirable behaviors in sleep. Such sleep disorders and common in both children and adults. They can cause injuries. They are treatable. A sleep disorder can poorly affect your work, relationships, mood and attention span. Having your sleep disorder treated can make a huge difference in your life.

If you or a loved one is having unusual or undesirable behavior in sleep, these episodes are called parasomnias. They include sleep walking, becoming violent during sleep, fighting in sleep, or fearful screaming. Contact Dr. R Bart Sangal at the Sleep & Attention Disorders Institute in Sterling Heights, Mich. He is a certified Sleep Medicine doctor. People from throughout the Greater Detroit Metro area, including Bloomfield Township, Warren and Royal Oak, Michigan, come to see Dr. Sangal. They come because he is the best Sleep Medicine doctor in Michigan. They come when other doctors have been unable to diagnose or properly treat their sleep disorder. They come from Pontiac, Macomb Township, and Clinton Township. Rest assured he will help you. Dr. Sangal treats patients ages one and up.

Parasomnias Affect Adults and Children

In adults, the most common parasomnia is REM (rapid eye movement) behavior disorder. We dream in REM sleep and our muscles are paralyzed. If this muscle paralysis fails, we can act out our dreams. This usually happens in the last part of the night (last hours before waking). REM behavior disorder can be violent and dangerous. Patients may injure themselves or their bed-partner while kicking or punching in their sleep. It is important to do sleep testing and an EEG. It is essential to treat REM behavior disorder as it can be dangerous to the patient and the bed partner. At the Sleep & Attention Disorders Institute, Sleep Medicine expert Dr. R Bart Sangal can use medicines to control it.

Adults may also have sleep paralysis (waking up from sleep paralyzed, unable to move) or nightmares (frequent frightening dreams). These parasomnias are not dangerous. If they are very bothersome, Dr. Sangal can treat them with medicines.

In children, the most common parasomnia is sleepwalking. It occurs when a child is aroused from deep sleep soon after falling asleep. Usually there is no violence, but the child may accidentally injure him or herself. Children may also have night terrors, with fearful screaming. Bedwetting is also common in children.

A painless, overnight sleep test can help Dr. Sangal diagnose a parasomnia in children. If a child snores, we test for dangerous sleep apnea. If he is concerned about seizures in sleep, we will do an EEG after the sleep test to check for that.

Children usually grow out of parasomnias. If the problem is severe or bothersome, we can use medicines to control most childhood parasomnias. We can also use medicines if the parasomnia continues into adulthood.

The most important thing to understand is that parasomnias can be diagnosed and treated. You don’t have to live with undesirable and bothersome behavior in sleep. If you are experiencing dangerous or violent behavior during sleep, or you also snore, evaluation and treatment are a must. Contact the Sleep & Attention Disorders Institute today to make an appointment with Michigan’s best sleep medicine doctor.

What is Parasomnia?

Parasomnia is abnormal behavior in sleep. It can occur during rapid eye movement (REM) sleep as well as non-rapid eye movement (NREM) sleep.

During REM sleep, muscles are paralyzed. People dream. REM Sleep Parasomnias include: REM Sleep Behavior Disorder, sleep paralysis and nightmares.

In REM Sleep Behavior Disorder, the muscle paralysis fails. Patients can act out their dreams. They can be violent. Injuries can occur. This usually happens in adults.

In sleep paralysis, patients wake up but muscles are still paralyzed. It lasts seconds or minutes.

In nightmares, patients have frightening dreams.

During NREM Sleep Parasomnia, arousal from deep sleep causes confusion. NREM Sleep Parasomnias include: sleep walking, night terrors and confusional arousals

In sleep walking, patients arouse from deep sleep and walk. If awakened, they are confused. This usually happens in children but can persist into adulthood.

In night terrors, patients arouse from deep sleep and scream. They look frightened. If awakened, they are confused. This also usually happens in children.

In confusional arousals, patients wake up from sleep and are confused.

Sleep related Movement Disorders may seem like a parasomnia. An example is Rhythmic Movement Disorder. Children may bang their head or rock back and forth while falling asleep or in the middle of the night.

Diagnosing and Treating Parasomnias

At the Sleep & Attention Disorders Institute, Dr. Sangal will perform a sleep study to diagnose your parasomnia. He will find out what’s going on during your completely painless, overnight sleep test. The sleep center is comfortable and the technicians are well-trained and very friendly. He will also do an EEG to check if you are experiencing seizures.

  • Parasomnia Treatment:
  • REM sleep Parasomnia: Medicines control REM Sleep Behavior Disorder. Medicines help with sleep paralysis.
  • NREM sleep Parasomnia: Children often outgrow sleep walking and night terrors without medication. Medicines help severe NREM sleep parasomnias or parasomnias that persist into adulthood.

Stop Suffering with Parasomnias; Dr. Sangal Will Diagnose and Treat Your Sleep Disorder

If you or your loved one has abnormal behavior in sleep, make an appointment today to meet with Dr. R Bart Sangal. He will find the cause of your sleeping problems. He won’t stop until he finds a treatment that works for you. Come to us. You don’t have to suffer any longer with a sleep disorder. It can be treated. You will feel better. Your attention and mood will improve. We are located at the corner of Troy, Sterling Heights, Rochester Hills and Shelby Township. We also serve Warren, Clinton, Royal Oaks, and the Detroit metro area.  Call us 586-254-0707 to set up your appointment with Dr. R Bart Sangal. Or fill out the form so we may contact you. Come to us. Sleep better and feel better.

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