Frequently asked questions:

  1. Q: Do you accept my insurance?
    A: We participate with most major insurances. Below is a partial list of insurances we participate with:
    (PDF Version)

    1. AARP
    2. Aetna
    3. ASR
    4. BCBS (most plans)
    5. BCBS Medicare Advantage
    6. Beaumont Employee Health Plan
    7. Blue Card
    8. Blue Choice
    9. BS Federal Employee
    10. BCN (Blue Care Network)
    11. BCBS Medicare Advantage Plans (such as Medicare Plus Blue)
    12. Cigna
    13. Cofinity
    14. Golden Rule
    15. HAP PPO
    16. HAP HMO
    17. HAP Senior Plus
    18. Health Plus
    19. Humana
    20. Humana Advantage
    21. Humana Gold Choice
    22. MidWest
    23. NGS American
    24. Priority Health
    25. Tri-Care
  2. Q: What will my cost be compared to going to a hospital center?
    A: A mother recently showed us the billing details for her daughter from a local hospital. For an overnight sleep study in the lab, the hospital billed $4334.00. The insurance company approved $1741.14. She paid a $500.00 deductible and a 20% copay of $248.23 for a total of $748.23. The insurance company paid $992.91, so that the hospital collected a total of $1741.14. We bill $1125.00 and the same insurance company pays us (as a physician office) $687.53. She could have paid for the entire test out of pocket and still paid less than she paid the hospital.
    If you have a 20% copay, you would pay the hospital $348.28 for a sleep test there, but you would pay us only $137.51 for a sleep test with us. That is a $210.77 savings! And it keeps adding up.
  3. Q: I hear many people prescribed CPAP don’t use it. What do you do for such patients?
    A: Nationwide, published data shows that 59% of patients prescribed CPAP actually tolerate it and use it regularly. We have data showing 90% of our patients prescribed CPAP use it regularly. We put in extra time and effort to help our patients get used to CPAP, which results in better outcomes for our patients.
  4. Q: I was told I have sleep apnea and was put on CPAP. I don’t feel better. Can you help me?
    A: Sometimes your sleep apnea may not be the cause of your symptoms. We have hundreds of such patients who were put on CPAP and continued to have sleep or sleepiness issues. Too many sleep specialists only want to treat sleep apnea. We diagnose and treat all sleep disorders. Patients can have more than one sleep disorder, in which case we will treat them all.
  5. Q: I take sleeping pills for insomnia. They are less effective with time. Can you help me?
    A: The traditional sleeping pills all work the same way. They are addicting and often become less effective with time. We use other medicines that are not addicting and usually help without losing effectiveness with time.
  6. Q: Can you really confirm whether I have attention deficit (ADD/ADHD)?
    A: Yes, using the EEG. The FDA has approved testing based on the EEG to confirm ADHD in patients with symptoms. We use that testing and even better testing that we have published a paper on.
  7. Q: I tried medicine for attention deficit and it did not help. What can you do?
    A: Perhaps the dose was not right. Perhaps the medicine was not the right medicine. There are many medicines that may help in attention deficit. None of them work for everyone. We can test to predict which medicine will work. We will work with you till we find a medicine that fully controls your ADD/ADHD symptoms.
  8. Q: How long will it take to get an appointment?
    A: We will usually offer you an appointment within a week of your calling.
  9. Q: I was referred to a local hospital and they have a several weeks waiting list for testing. Can you help me?
    A: Yes, we will usually offer you a testing appointment within a week of your first appointment. (It may be longer if your insurance requires pre-authorization for testing).
  10. Q: My friend had testing done at a local hospital and then had to wait weeks for the results. Is that what will happen?
    A: We hear that all the time. We also see patients all the time who tells us they had testing done at a local hospital but never saw the doctor. We will usually offer you a follow-up appointment within a week of your testing.

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