Adult Attention Deficit

Adult ADD/ADHD Diagnosed and Treated at the Sleep & Attention Disorders Institute in Sterling Heights, Mich.

If you are like most other adults, you spend your days juggling responsibilities at home and work. Do you often feel distracted or impulsive? No matter how hard you try, do you feel as though you never seem to complete tasks? These are symptoms of attention deficit. There can be many causes. We can help.

At the Sleep & Attention Disorders Institute, Dr. R Bart Sangal and his team of highly trained staff focus on helping people with attention deficit. Primary attention deficit is a brain disorder. It is also called attention-deficit disorder (ADD) or attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

  • It starts in childhood.
  • It often runs in families.
  • Hyperactivity may get better with age, but attention problems continue into adulthood.
  • Adults diagnosed with ADD actually had symptoms of the disorder in childhood.

Dr. R Bart Sangal is a well-respected attention disorders doctor. He is board certified in Clinical Neurophysiology. He is passionate about helping people of all ages who are suffering from attention disorders. He knows that anyone suffering from an attention disorder like ADD/ADHD may be feeling frustrated. Many patients come to Dr. Sangal when visits to other doctors have failed. You can trust Dr. Sangal. You can rely on him to get to the bottom of your medical issues. He won’t be satisfied until you are feeling better.

Differences between Adult ADD/ Adult ADHD and ADD/ ADHD in children

Hyperactivity often gets better in adults. Impulsivity may remain. Inattention is life-long. It does not go away in adulthood.

Adults may learn to deal with inattention. They may find jobs where they do not have to sit still. They may get up and walk around. They may switch tasks. They may work alone.

Children, on the other hand, are often required to work in groups at school. Many children with attention disorders have hyperactivity. This can impact their ability to make and keep friends. Paying attention in class and other activities is difficult and frustrating.

Because hyperactivity often gets better and only inattention persists, many adults are not diagnosed and do not get help.

Symptoms of Adult ADD/ADHD

Symptoms and signs of adult attention deficit disorder (Adult ADD) include:

  • You have difficulty paying attention.
  • You are easily distracted.
  • You are unable to pay close attention.
  • You have difficulty organizing things.
  • You fail to finish tasks.
  • You lose things.
  • You avoid tasks requiring a lot of thought.
  • You are forgetful.
  • You do not seem to listen.

You can tell you still have hyperactivity if:

  • You fidget or squirm.
  • You have difficulty remaining seated.
  • You are unable to enjoy leisure quietly.
  • You are on the go, driven by a motor.
  • You talk excessively.
  • You blurt out answers.
  • You have difficulty waiting turn.
  • You interrupt or intrude.
  • You feel restless.
How Can Adult ADD/ADHD Impact Quality of Life?

Adults with ADD/ADHD have difficulty paying attention. They are forgetful and can be easily distracted. At work and at home, they may make careless mistakes. They lose things, have trouble with organization and tend to avoid tasks requiring mental effort. Symptoms of adult ADD/ADHD can truly affect your life.

  • Work difficulties:
    • Difficulty finishing work
    • Poor supervisor evaluations
    • Difficulty keeping jobs
    • Problems with teamwork
  • Family difficulties:
    • Marital difficulties
    • Careless driving
  • Social difficulties:
    • Difficulty keeping friends

If you or your loved ones have attention problems, make an appointment at the Sleep & Attention Disorders Institute. We have been treating patients in the Greater Detroit area, including Troy, Sterling Hts, Rochester Hills and Shelby Township, Michigan for over 30 years.

We can tell you for sure whether or not you have adult ADD/adult ADHD. We can tell you which medicine might work best for you. Call the Sleep & Attention Disorders Institute in Sterling Heights, Mich., today for an appointment with Dr. R Bart Sangal.

Causes for Adult ADD/ADHD

Adult Attention Deficit (ADD/ ADHD) is a brain disorder.

  • It may be genetic.
  • Head injuries can cause Attention Deficit symptoms.
  • Sleep Apnea can cause Attention Deficit symptoms.
  • Mood disorders can cause Attention Deficit symptoms.
  • Seizures (especially generalized non-convulsive or petit mal seizures) can cause Attention Deficit symptoms.
  • Attention Deficit can show up when work becomes more difficult, such as getting a promotion or switching jobs and taking on more responsibility at work.
Diagnosing Adult ADD/ADHD

Sleep problems, learning problems, mood problems and seizure disorders can cause attention deficit. Dr. Sangal believes it is very important to find out why you are having difficulties with attention. Some doctors will base a diagnosis on patient reports alone. Dr. Sangal wants to confirm a true diagnosis of ADD before prescribing treatment.

The FDA has approved the use of a brain wave or EEG-based test, to confirm attention deficit in children. Dr. Sangal will use this test, plus a better one he created, to confirm attention deficit. He has published a scientific paper describing this test. The brain mapping test is painless and takes less than two hours. Read about the testing here.

If you live in Rochester Hills, Bloomfield Township, or Shelby Township, Mich., or any of the surrounding towns in the Greater Detroit region, contact us. We can help you improve your attention span, work performance, driving skills and relationships. Call 586-254-0707 or fill out our contact form and we will call you.

Treating ADD/ADHD in Adults

Attention deficit makes it difficult to do well at work or in school. It can cause difficulties socially or with the family. Therefore, once ADD or ADHD is diagnosed, it must be properly treated.

Many physicians are not eager to treat adult attention deficit. Most medicines (stimulants like AdderallR or ConcertaR, or non-stimulants like StratteraR) produce a 25 percent improvement in ADHD ratings in only two out of three patients. They do not work for everyone. Even when they work, they may still leave you with attention problems.

Dr. Sangal wants to improve your ADHD ratings by at least 50 percent. Such an improvement makes your attention normal. There are many stimulant and non-stimulant medicines that work for adults. The right medicine at the right dose can work wonders. EEG-based brain mapping tests show which medicine is most likely to work for each patient. Dr. Sangal will not be happy until he controls your attention fully.

If you or your loved ones have attention problems, come to us. Dr. Sangal can confirm whether you have attention deficit (ADD/ADHD). He can tell you what medicine might work best for you. Call us at 586-254-0707 or fill out the form so we may contact you.

Dr. R Bart Sangal Uses Technology to Confirm ADD/ADHD

Contact the Institute to make an appointment with Dr. Sangal. We are experienced and we work very hard to make our patients comfortable. We will use the best tests available to diagnose your attention disorder. Our facility is warm and inviting. There is no need to be anxious. We treat patients with the utmost respect and kindness.

If you do have ADD or ADHD, Dr. Sangal will find the best treatment for you. However, if you are suffering from something other than ADD or ADHD, he will try to determine the cause and suggest treatment. He has been helping people of all ages in Pontiac, Warren, Royal Oak, and all of Macomb and Oakland counties in Michigan for more than 30 years. He is located close to Clinton Township, Bloomfield Township, and Macomb Township. He can help you, too. Call the Sleep & Attention Disorders Institute today for your appointment.

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