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There are 60 million people in the U.S. who have some type of sleep disorder. The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke confirms that. Millions of children and adults are suffering from attention disorders. Many patients have seen doctors and are on treatment that isn’t working. Others are afraid to see a doctor. They are afraid of taking sleep and attention disorder tests.

We are so glad you found the Sleep & Attention Disorders Institute in Sterling Heights, Mich. Our founder, Dr. R Bart Sangal, cares for people who are frustrated and exhausted because of undiagnosed or untreated sleep and attention disorders. If you are located in the Greater Detroit Metro area, contact us. Make an appointment with Dr. Sangal.

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What Makes the Sleep & Attention Disorders Institute Different

Contact the Sleep & Attention Disorders Institute for Help Today.  Helping communities around Sterling Heights, including Warren, Client, Detroit, Grand Rapids, and other areas in Michigan.

Dr. Sangal has been a sleep medicine and attention disorders doctor for more than 30 years. He won’t stop until he diagnoses your sleep or attention disorder. He won’t say you don’t have sleep apnea, therefore he cannot help you. He won’t say the stimulant medicine did not help your attention deficit so there is no hope. He will do his best to find a treatment that will work for you. Many patients come to Dr. Sangal after other efforts to treat sleep and attention disorders have failed. If you are feeling frustrated and thinking about giving up; don’t. Give Dr. Sangal and his trained staff at the Sleep & Attention Disorders Institute a chance. You won’t be sorry.

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