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Attention Testing in Sterling Heights, Mich. for ADD/ADHD with Dr. R Bart Sangal

Do you feel like you are unable to focus at school or work? Are you feeling fidgety or like you need to get up and move around a lot? Have you noticed you are forgetting or losing things? You may have an attention disorder. If so, you are not alone. In fact, Attention Deficit, also called Attention-Deficit Disorder (ADD) or Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), is more common in both children and adults that many people think. And as we get older, we may get memory difficulties or Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI).

The first step to feeling better is to visit the Sleep & Attention Disorders Institute in Sterling Heights, Mich. Dr. R Bart Sangal is the founder of the Institute. He is certified in Clinical Neurophysiology or the use of EEG. He uses EEG methods in diagnosing and treating attention disorders in children and adults. He can help you. Call the Sleep & Attention Disorders Institute today. Request an appointment with Dr. Sangal. Our office is located in the Greater Detroit area where Sterling Heights, Rochester Hills, Shelby Township and Troy come together.

How do we test for an Attention Disorder?

We use a 32-channel EEG machine for attention testing. EEG stands for electro-encephalo-graphy. Electro stands for electrical activity. Encephalo means brain. Graphy means recording. EEG is recording of the brain’s electrical activity. We put a cap on the head with many sensors. We record the EEG with eyes open, with eyes closed, and during deep and rapid breathing.

We also record the EEG during tasks of attention. We use a computer to present two different sounds. There is a high pitch and a low pitch sound. The high pitch sound occurs rarely. We ask the patient to press a button upon hearing the high pitch sound. During the test, the patient has to pay close attention. We do the same thing with a visual task (two letters, one rare).

The FDA has approved a test based on the EEG to confirm attention deficit (ADD/ ADHD) in children. We have published a paper showing attention waves over the speech area are even better to confirm attention deficit (ADD/ ADHD).

The entire testing process takes less than two hours. The EEG is painless. Sensors do not go through the skin. Our staff is friendly. We take great care to make you comfortable. Dr. Sangal reads all the EEGs himself. If you have symptoms of ADD or ADHD, he will evaluate it, and treat it as necessary. We can confirm whether you have attention deficit. We can also predict which medicine will work best for you. We do not automatically put everyone on stimulants.

If you have symptoms of MCI (mild cognitive impairment), we will check it out for you. You can rely on Dr. Sangal’s experience and knowledge. He will evaluate your memory and cognitive function. If there is a medical reason for your condition, he will find it and treat it.

How Do We Diagnose Attention Deficit?

We perform a digital analysis on the EEG. EEG brain maps are created. Faster waves (beta-1) reflect attention. Slower waves (theta) reflect drowsiness. The FDA has approved a test based on these waves to confirm attention deficit (ADD/ ADHD). We have published a paper showing beta-1 waves over the speech area are even better to confirm attention deficit (ADD/ ADHD).

During the attention task, the brain produces a large wave shortly after the rare sound or letter. This is the P300. We create auditory and visual P300 brain maps. We have published several papers showing the auditory and visual P300 predict what medicine will work best for which patient.

The EEG (especially while breathing deeply and rapidly) allows us to check for seizures. Certain seizure disorders can cause attention deficit.

How Do We Test for Mild Cognitive Impairment?

For MCI (mild cognitive impairment), we do an EEG with digital analysis. It shows us if the brain is slowing down. We perform a digital analysis on the EEG during attention tasks. EEG brain maps are created. The EEG and the P300 brain maps help us decide if the brain is processing information slower.

We do neuropsychological testing to determine comprehension and memory functions. These tell us if there is a discrepancy in memory. We also do blood work and MRI or CT of the brain. These help us find treatable causes of memory difficulties. Blood work also helps us predict risk for developing Alzheimer’s. If there seems to be a sleep problem, we test for it.

We Invite You to Rely on Dr. Sangal’s Trusted Expertise in Attention Disorder Diagnosis and Treatment

Dr. Sangal and his staff members are experienced and friendly. They understand people with attention disorders may feel frustrated. The Sleep & Attention Disorders Institute in Sterling Heights, Mich. is very inviting. Dr. Sangal is a well-respected attention disorders doctor. He is knowledgeable and has a great bedside manner.

We are committed to diagnosing your attention disorder. We will find the best treatment for you. We understand that each patient’s case is different. Dr. Sangal believes you deserve personalized attention. We are conveniently near Bloomfield Township, Clinton Township, and Macomb Township. Warren, Pontiac and Royal Oak are close by. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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