Sleep Medicine Board Examination

Sleep Medicine Board Examination

99th Percentile on Sleep Medicine Boards

I retook the Sleep Medicine Board Examination this winter. The American Board of Medical Specialties requires us to retake them every 10 years now. Although I keep abreast of what is happening, I wondered how well I would do. After all, I completed my training trained 33 years ago.

I recently got my results. Compared to first time test-takers (who would be recent fellows fresh out of training), I got the 99th percentile. In other words, I did better that 98% of them. I was surprised.

Perhaps I should not have been. Taking great care of my patients has always been my top priority. That means making very sure I am good, really good, at what I do. I do manage to get 90% of my sleep apnea patients to adhere to CPAP, when the national average is 59%. My insomnia and excessive sleepiness patients do very well. So do my attention deficit patients. I also do research along with my clinical practice, having published over 50 peer-reviewed papers. I have earned a full Professorship. I run the oldest continuously accredited sleep disorders center in Michigan. So, I guess I am doing something right. And I love what I do!

I will take this proud moment to re-dedicate myself to my patients. They always come first. I will always keep only awesome staff. My facilities will be second to none. I promise I will continue to give my patients the best care possible.

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