Safe Care for Your Sleep and Attention Disorders

Safe Care for Your Sleep and Attention Disorders

Safe Care for Your Sleep and Attention Disorders

We are now open for safe care for your sleep and attention disorders. Governor Whitmer signed Executive Order 2020-96 allowing physician offices to provide nonessential services effective June 1, 2020. Essential medical services were allowed previously and we have been open for that since May 18.

We have worked hard on a Covid-19 Preparedness and Response Plan, which has been updated today and posted on our website. We have enough personal protective equipment and sanitizers. We are confident we can render essential and non-essential services safely with minimal likelihood of a patient contracting Covid-19 in our facilities.

General Policies

Every day, all staff answer questions about exposure to and symptoms of possible Covid-19. Their forehead temperature is taken twice daily. If they have symptoms or a fever, they may not work. We have reconfigured the workspace so all staff work at least six feet from each other at most times. Staff wear surgical masks in the office. We clean and sanitize the facility diligently. High-touch surfaces are cleaned and sanitized twice a day. If a staff member contracts Covid-19, we will inform the public health department. They must stay home till they are symptom free for 3 days. If this happens, we will also thoroughly clean and sanitize the facilities before allowing patients inside. We have placed hand sanitizing stations all over the facility and staff frequently sanitize their hands.

Outpatient health-care facility specific policies

Patients must wear a face covering and come alone. However, one parent may accompany a child. One caregiver may accompany a patient with disability or cognitive impairment. If a patient comes without a face covering, we will loan a clean cloth mask. Patients having overnight sleep testing may remove the face covering in their bedroom. We have reduced the number of chairs in the waiting room, so patients stay six feet from each other (except their companion). A staff member signs in the patient. Any pens or clipboards are not reused for long enough to allow any Covid-19 virus to die. We have added special hours weekly (available upon request) for highly vulnerable patients, including the elderly and those with chronic conditions. When they arrive in the office, all patients must sanitize their hands. They are asked about exposure to and symptoms of Covid-19, and contactless forehead temperature taken. If they have symptoms or a fever, they are re-scheduled.

During procedures involving the respiratory tract, staff wear an N95 mask, with goggles/face shield and gloves. Patients stay about six feet away from staff at most times. Rooms are cleaned between patients. Sensors and equipment used for testing are disinfected between patients. During and after sleep testing, we use special air purifiers with HEPA filters and UV-C light in the patient bedrooms, to capture and/or destroy viruses such as the Covid-19 virus. We continue to offer the option of telehealth services for office visits.


In conclusion, there is no need to postpone medical services for your sleep disorders and attention disorders any more. Let us take care of you, safely.

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