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We have awesome staff. They are kind, caring, and treat patients with respect. We train them well, and they offer the best quality out there.

Are you awesome? We are hiring and would like you to join us. We pay well, and offer full benefits (generous vacations, health care, dental and vision, retirement plan). We are looking for:

  1. Sleep technician: Our sleep technician hooks up patients at night, monitors their sleep recordings, and score the recordings. If you are trained and experienced, wonderful. If you are not, we will train you, and assist you in getting certified. This is a full-time position. E-mail your resume to us at jobs at sleepandattentiondisorders.com
  2.  Medical assistant/secretary at front desk: This staff member greets patients, checks them in, checks them out and bills them, collects what they might owe before they leave. This staff member also shares in answering the phone, checks on insurances, and assists the office in several other ways. This is a full-time position. E-mail your resume to us at jobs at sleepandattentiondisorders.com

Not Getting Enough Time in Bed

Not Getting Enough Time in Bed Paul Smith (not his real name) is a 63-year-old accountant. He works hard, he plays hard. He is happily married, with lovely children and grandchildren. He has been a patient off and on for many years. I have seen him over the years for sleepiness, for snoring, and for…

New medicine for daytime sleepiness

A new medicine for daytime sleepiness was approved this year. It should arrive in pharmacies in the next few months. Its name is SunosiR (or solriamfetol). It blocks reuptake of dopamine (DA) and norepinephrine (NE) into nerve cells that release these. As a result, DA and NE levels increase in the area between nerve cells…

CPAP Adherence and How to Improve It

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) is the best treatment for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Unfortunately, only 59% of patients prescribed CPAP in the USA actually use it. Yet, being adherent to CPAP use is crucial in controlling OSA and its complications. The complications include sleepiness and fatigue, memory and concentration problems, high blood pressure, atrial…

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